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Ireland by Stiofain O'Duda


Stiofain O'Duda is an independent photographer in Ireland specializing in:
LIMITED EDITION (10 of each scene only) never again to be captured, photographic cards (with envelopes) and prints, signed and numbered and made in Ireland. 
Each scene is a work of art provided by nature and captured by Stiofain O'Duda,  truly a  piece of Ireland and Irish art.
Limited Edition photographs can be purchased in card (with envelope) or print format.


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All photographic work is numbered and signed by the artist and are limited to 10 prints, which are then destroyed.The first orders get the lowest number. 

All cards are handmade and posted in Ireland.

Cards to use for:


*Business correspondence


*A note to someone special.

Antrim Coast 3

Derry City, Ireland
BT48 8BB